Monday, August 31, 2015   


Committees and Projects Chairperson
2016 Regional Meeting Chair Monte Petitt
Younger Chemist Committee Elisa Rice
Women's Chemist Committee vacant
Volunteer Coordinator Maryanne Mores
Membership Committee vacant
Education Committee Simon Bott
National Chemistry Week and Earth Day Valerie Lafitte
Project SEED Carolyn Burnley
Awards Committee Kerry Spilker
Programming Committee Laurent Pirolli
Minority Affairs Committee Trinity Hale
 High School Chemistry Clubs Roxie Allen
 Science Professionals Comittee (TAG) Joe Alvarez
 Senior Chemists Committee Bob Botto
 Employment & Professional Relations Committee vacant
Public Relations & Government Affairs Committee Izabela Tworowska
Communications and Technology Committee Valerie Moore
Nominating Committee vacant
Strategic Planning Committee Amber Hinkle
Finance Committee Will Donaldson