Saturday, February 25, 2017   

50 and 60 Year ACS Member Recognition

Our section members who have held membership in ACS for 50 and 60 years are recognized annually.  The ACS-GHS would like to express our sincere appreciation for your continued service and support.

Congratulations to our 50 and 60 year members for 2013! 

50 Year Members

Dr. Theodore Helfgott                                                Dr. Ralph B. Arlinghaus

Dr. Choo Giam                                                            Mr. James J. O’Malley

Dr. Cline A. Tincher                                                    Mr. Everett K. Gibson

Dr. Kenneth W. Pober                                                 Dr. Richard H. Graves

Dr. Edward R. Freiter                                                  Mr. Stephen J. Yeretsky

Dr. Lionel A. Garner                                                    Mr. Donald R. Schlotterbeck

Dr. Danny D. Caudle                                                   Mr. Leo R. Aalund

Mr. Robert N. Foote


60 Year Members

Mr. Joseph F. Jennings

Mr. John B. Sewell

Ms. Barbara J. Franklin

Mr. Eugene Wittner

Mr. Austin M. Thornton

Mr. Richard M. Bartley

Mr. Stewart O’Dell

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